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Without the right tool to connect creators with space owners

As an Artist...

• You won't finish that album

• You won't put on that show

• Your masterpiece will be left unfinished

• You'll wonder if you're reaching your full potential

As a Space Owner...

• You'll miss out on revenue

• You'll lose money using other platforms

• You'll get the wrong people in your space

• You'll wonder if you're using the right marketing strategy

Why Artists Love Artra

Built for Artists

Artra has curated a unique selection of spaces just for creators.

No Booking Fees

No commission, no percentage, no hidden fees. Just the rental cost.

Unique Spaces

Whatever your artistic medium, Artra has a space for you.

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Why Space Owners Love Artra

Market Your Space

Get seen by thousands of creators.

The Right People

Your space is for artists, connect with them through Artra.

Increase Revenue

Artra will get you more bookings and increase your revenue.

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