Fantastic Midtown Photography Studio with skyline views


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Our freshly renovated studio, located in the heart of the Garment district on 38th Street and 8th Avenue, has wonderful natural light and stunning NYC views. Available per week, day, half day for photo / video productions,pop-up showrooms, and castings.

We have 35 chairs and stoles available plus a large white leather couch and two white leather chairs. We can seat about a total of 40 people. We have two desks, one round table, six 6'x2.5' folding tables and four 4'x2' tables , one movable 6'x3' desk on rolls and one large 10'x4'dining room table in the conference room. We are conveniently located only two blocks from the Port Authority Bus Terminal and 4 blocks from Penn Station. We have parking on the street available on Sundays and several parking garages near our studio for the other days. There are several nice restaurant and cafes within 1 short block of our building including Starbucks.

Our photo studio is one of the most beautiful and affordable available in Manhattan, and because it is not name branded it will help you to shine and impress even the most sophisticated clients.

Studio facts:
• Multiple meeting and shooting areas, plus a conference room with 11ft ceilings
• The studio has about 1,200 sq. ft usable space

• Projector & screen, TV display & sound system, sample product & album storage and fast wifi internet
• Kitchen with refrigerator, water cooler, microwave and coffee maker; elegant private bathroom
• Ultra wide 144" backdrop system with white , gray , black paper ($50 per 10' sheet), 2 large V-flat, 3 C-Stands included
• Photo/lighting-equipment rentals are also available stating at $100, please see equipment list below, however please communicate to us what you need 3 days before your rental because not all equipment is stored at the studio at all times.
• Fantastic art gallery-like studio, a perfect sales environment for a high-end NYC wedding photographer or any other event vendors

Here is the equipment list available:
- (10) various Paul Buff mono-lights: 400 W/s (3) & 800 W/s (2) & one 1600 W/s, Digibees 800W (4)
- Octagon soft boxes ; 5′ Octa & 7' Octa - Gridded soft boxes: 1'×5'; 1'×5'; 2'x3'
- Reflectors (4) (one with 10 degree grids, if needed)
- Umbrellas, 42, 46,
- PocketWizard units
- (3) c-stand and (5) heavy duty light stand

Extra charge for the following:
- every 10' swipe of (12' /144") ultra wide seamless paper in black, gray or white is $50 extra.

You are more than welcome to bring your own gear, of course.

Space type:
Rehearsal space
Art studio/Workspace
Recording studio
Photography/Film studio
Photography/Film location
Dance studio
Performance space
Gallery/Exhibition space
Podcast studio
Total capacity: 40
Parking options: street parking or parking garages on the same block
Amenities (included):
Private workspace
Natural light
Parking space(s)
Green screen
Video equipment
Outdoor area
Freight elevators
Wheelchair accessible
Accessible by public transportation
Dressing room
White backdrop
Wardrobe rack
Blackout blinds/curtains
Street level access
Printing press
Glass furnace
Drum kit
Other (specified in space details)
Lighting equipment
Space size (sq. ft.): 1200
Arrival instructions: 1. Load in and out: Renter can come in with normal gear via the passenger elevators, as long as it can be carried by hand and if it is just a regular suitcase size rolling case. However, if the Renter brings in racks, heavy-duty equipment and items longer than 6 feet, the Renter has to use the freight elevators. No exceptions. The freight elevator entrance is on 39th Street (not 38th), close to 8th Avenue between the pub and the parking garage and is a silver metal door with the number “308” on it. Freight elevator service is available from Mon.-Fri. from 8:00AM to 5:30PM and on Saturday from 8:00AM to 12:30PM. No service on Sundays. The front lobby is open on Mon.-Sat. from 8:00AM to 11:00PM and from 9:00AM to 10:00PM on Sundays. You can rent the studio for longer than 11:00PM just let us know what you need. 2. Studio Key Door Lock: If Renter has booked a multiday rental we will provide a temporary door look key code. To open the door you push the "Schlage" button on the top first and the keypad will light up in blue. Then you type in your number code, which we will give to you in the morning of your rental day if you have a multiday rental, and the door opens. You walk in the studio, close the door and the Lock will automatically lock again after 30 seconds. You could mechanically unlock it from the inside with the handle. Please note that the "Schlage" button on the inside of the look does not lock or open the door. That button is only used to set up the different alarm sound options, so please do not touch it. When you unlock the lock with the inside handle the door remains unlocked for 30 seconds until it locks automatically again. Please keep the door closed, so no strangers can walk in. We had theft issues before when the door was open, even when people where in the studio. When you leave the studio you open the door lock with the handle on the inside and walk out and close the door and then hit the top button again ("Schlage") so the door locks. Please always check if the door is really locked. Parking: There are several parking garages around our studio. Free street parking is available around our studio after 7:00PM Mon-Sat. and all day on Sundays in dedicated areas. Commercial vehicles can park for limited times if you pay the parking meters in dedicated areas during the week before 7:00PM. Parking charges vary greatly and are also depending on the time of day or if there are any other events happening in the area. We suggest using the app “Best Parking” to figure out the best option. 3. Hallways must stay clear: All hallways must stay clear of people and materials. Hallways cannot be used for storage or waiting area for people even for a short time. It would be a fire code violation and the renter is responsible for any fines if the fire safety inspector fines the building. Fines can be up to $5000 per incident! There is no signage in the lobby or in the hallways allowed; the only exception is the studio door. 4. Shipping product and equipment to the studio: Nobody is usually at the studio, so the Renter cannot ship anything to the studio before the rental, unless the Renter arranges delivery-receiving services with us for additional fees. The staff of the building is not allowed to receive or store any packages on anybody’s behalf. You have to arrange deliveries during your rental time or arrange deliveries with us for additional fees and only if it is possible and available.
Host rules: 5. Damages: Most damages accrues when renters carelessly move their stuff and gear into or out of the studio and when they move furniture. Please be careful. 6. Use of equipment and make sure it stays in the studio: We had issues that renters and their associates took equipment intentionally or not intentionally from our studio. Make sure that all cables, furniture, light stands, c-stand and any other equipment stays in the studio and is not packed up by accident by the renter’s staff. If you need specific equipment like projector and screen, 4k TV display or lighting equipment, please order it in advance, so we can make sure it it available for you when you need it and works with your equipment. We have seating for 40 people on seats with different comfort levels. If you need more seating you have to order it in advance for additional fees. We do have up to 6 folding tables, however the Renter needs to make arrangements with us before the rental. 7. Cleaning: Basic cleaning of the studio is included but we ask our Renters to leave The studio the studio in a similar condition as it was found at the beginning of the rental. 8. Trash: We will take care of the trash bags after the event. There are trash bags in the kitchen cabinet. We ask the Renters to make sure that their trash is not “wet”. Empty all fluids and drinks into the toilet before the Renter puts the containers, cups, glasses, bottles and so on into the trash. Please inform us if you leave more than one bag of trash behind, so we can take care of it before the next rental starts. Please place the trash bag inside the studio near the entrance. 9. Use common sense: There is no smoking, no throwing things out of the window, no cooking and no overnight stay allowed in our building. Turn off light and air conditioning systems and make sure the studio door is looked before you leave. Do NOT discuss any issue with anybody of the building staff, you must call us first! We ask you to send us a text the moment you are out of the studio, so we know how long you stayed. 10. Speaking to building Staff and Security: Building staff is there to serve leaseholders and building tenants not our Renters or their guests. If you have any questions or issues about anything, please contact us, Wolfgang (212-7251901) or Jorg (212-781-8178). All issues need to be discussed with us first and never with the building staff except if it is a real emergency and you can’t reach any of us. 11. Bring what you need: Renter is responsible for all utensils, cups, plates, napkins and tablecloths. 12. Overtime use: We are a very busy studio and we do have often multiple rentals on the same day. You will be able to stay longer for the same hourly fees if the studio is available and if you coordinate with us in advance. You cannot just stay longer without our approval. We ask you to send us a text to 212-781-8178 the moment you are out of the studio, so we know how long you stayed. 13. Location Release Form: We are happy to sign a location release form as long as it is limited to the inside of our studio only. We don’t own the building, so we cannot sign any other release. Specify the location with our exact address in your release form.
Additional COVID-19 safety measures:
The space is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with guidelines from the CDC
High touch surfaces and shared amenities have been disinfected
Soft, porous materials have been properly cleaned or removed
A licensed professional cleaner is hired between bookings
Bookings are spaced apart to allow for enhanced cleaning
Additional protective gear provided:
Disinfecting wipes or spray and paper towels
Disposable gloves
Disposable masks
Hand Sanitizer
Cancellation policy: 7 day cancellation window